Welcome to my world!


As a writer, I have an urgent need to put my internal reality into the external world.

So why should you spend your valuable time reading anything on this site?

I think that it is my responsibility as a blogger to serve the needs of
YOU the reader.
If I am doing my job, this blog will not only serve my own need to
explore and make sense of my own world, but will give you new energy
to further your own worthwhile and  legitimate creative reality.

So please, take a moment to explore this blog not to serve me,
but to be served a piece of  productive pie by me, your creative patron.


On this creative canvas you will find:

The journey of one Midwestern girl moving to California
     (And how Youtube changed my life)

      ♫Unlikely friends on the streets of Oceanside, CA                          
(How the heart of the house-less isn’t homeless)

A guide to planning your trip to Southern California:
      (Places to see, things to hear, ancient beaches                      
you should
 or should not check out.)

🌴One girl’s experience working for Americorps
     (I’d rather be eating blackberries)


cOmInG sOoN:

How to Side Hustle: Resources to get you started making money and making time

Book reviews in less than 100 words (because who has time to read about reading?!)


Image Source: iccit.ca